Rev. Judith Laxer


Rev. Judith was Ordained as a SHES (Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards) Minister on the Summer Solstice in 1992. Since then, she has officiated at countless rite of passage ceremonies. She has taught classes and workshops on the Goddess, Women’s Mysteries and psychic development locally and nationally since 1993, and was the Ceremonial Director for the Seattle based Women of Wisdom Conference for five years.

Her collection of short stories Along the Wheel of Time: Sacred Stories for Nature Lovers was published in June 2014, and is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble on-line.

Judith enjoys her successful private practice of Spiritual Counseling, Psychic Tarot readings, Certified Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Shamanic practices. In September of 2000, she began offering Goddess Worship Services to an ever-growing congregation. Her soul has found home in Gaia’s Temple.

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