Tema Gochberg, Secretary

A transplant to the Pacific Northwest from Tennessee, Tema (rhymes with Emma) has been an active member of her spiritual communities since being initiated as a Wiccan priestess in 2008.  Whether participating as a ritualist for community sabbats, hosting multi-national community rituals, providing newer members of the Pagan community with resources, or in raising her child, she endeavors to bring the Sacred into daily life.

She loves to fill her home with plants, love, and gentleness. When inspiration strikes, Tema also loves to paint, write, and craft with natural materials.  With extra time at home due to the pandemic, she has delighted in learning to bake gluten-free bread, make homemade kimchi, and alter her own clothes.

Tema is a practicing Naturopathic physician in the Seattle area, bringing healing and joy to the lives of her patients through deep connection and holistic approaches to their concerns. www.intunehealingarts.com

Tema Gochberg