Kitchen Witchery Classes!

Gaia's Temple is proud to offer a series of four classes, taught by Wise Women, in which you will learn to conjure magickal items in the kitchen.

Register for individual classes, or purchase the entire series at a 10% discount! Locations for classes given upon registration.


Beeswax Bowl Covers!

Taught by Kris Adair

April 20   3-5 p.m.   $40.

Tired of using plastics to preserve your leftovers?

In this hands on class, we will learn how to make lasting bowl covers from all natural ingredients.

You will come home with a small, medium and large bowl cover.



The Art of Sourdough!

Taught by Breanne Bartok and Rev. Corinna Frenzl

May 5    2-4 pm    $40

 Learn the art of sourdough bread making, as well as other creative ways to use sourdough starter.

Take home a half pint of starter plus leftover goodies from the workshop.



Cordial Making!

Taught by Rev. Corinna Frenzl and Noemi Chaparro

June 26      7-9 p.m      $40

 Summer fruits and herbs make delicious cordials.

In this hands on class, we will make and take home two half pints of fresh cordial.

Class also includes cordial tasting. Oh, yes it does!



Fermented Foods!

Taught by Rev. Corinna Frenzl

Aug 17      2-4 pm     $40



In this hands on class, learn to make your own kimchi and sauerkraut.

Class will include tasting as well as taking home a half pint jar of each of your own.


Purchase all four classes at or before the first one for only $144!


Summer Plant Walk!

with Rev. Corinna Frenzl

Thursday May 30, 2019 7-9 p.m.  $20.

Discovery Park, Seattle WA. North Parking Lot

Do the Fae call your soul to visit them outdoors? Are you a lover of evening walks? want to learn more about the medicine and magick of common plants growing along our nature trails?

Walk with Rev. Corinna as she shares her love and wisdom of the plants easily found in our fair city.



Litha Celebration!


Friday June 21th, 7 p.m. $20

       Meridian Park:

4649 Sunnyside Ave. N. Seattle, 98103 ( behind the Good Shepherd Center

 Revel with us in the season of light! At the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the solar year, Sun is at His peak of power. Join us in celebration of our own active radiance!

Pot Luck feast after the magick: Please bring food and drink to share and your own plates, cups and utensils (pack in and pack out).

Invite some friends, the more the merrier!


Gaia's Temple presents: Money Talks!

with Noemi Chaparro and Cherylee Chapman

Join us for this great three-part series about your personal financial health. Great education, well taught!


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