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Gaia's Temple Designated Funds

Individuals and organizations may give charitable donations to Gaia’s Temple’s designated funds: Minister’s Advancement, Youth Program, Community Outreach, and Music.  Donations to designated funds are tax-deductible.


If any earmarked funds are left over at the end of the fiscal year or at the end of a specific project, those funds may be placed into the Gaia’s Temple general fund.

An accounting of how these designated funds were used is available to the donator upon request.

Minister’s Advancement

Monies given to the Minister’s Advancement fund will be used for educational and spiritual enrichment of Gaia’s Temple’s minister.  Such enrichment includes classes, trainings, workshops, and retreats.  Funds may cover tuition, books, CDs, DVDs, ritual supplies, and travel expenses and meals while traveling related to the minister’s enrichment.

Youth Program

Monies given to the Youth Program fund will be used to nurture Gaia’s Temple’s Youth Program and may cover teacher compensation, space rental, snacks, books, CDs, DVDs, office supplies, art supplies, ritual supplies, instruments, instructional materials, and field trip expenses.

Community Outreach

Monies given to the Community Outreach fund will be used to further Gaia’s Temple’s community outreach efforts.  Funds may cover space rental, travel expenses, advertising, food, ritual supplies, and compensation for guest trainers, teachers and presenters.

Music Program

Monies given to the Music Program fund will be used to enrich the musical offerings during Gaia’s Temple worship services and events.  Funds may cover compensation for the musical director, musician compensation, sheet music, permission from artists to perform their work, and recording and amplification equipment.

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